How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy Between Salon Visits

At our salon in Acocks Green, we take pride in providing professional hair dye services that protect the health of our clients’ hair. However, using any sort of chemical on your hair will inevitably lead to some form of damage, and so it’s crucial to take extra special care of your hair between your salon visits. Here are our top tips on how to properly care for your dyed hair.

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1. Wash your hair less frequently

Colour fades more quickly the more you wash your hair, so the less frequently you wash it, the better. Aim for twice a week (three times at most), and opt for a high-quality dry shampoo on your non-wash days to soak up any excess oils as needed.

2. Skip straight to conditioner

If you’re struggling to wash your hair less frequently, try to use less shampoo instead. By skipping the shampoo every other wash and just using conditioner, you’ll still clean your hair but avoid stripping it of its natural oils and the colour.

3. Pick the right shampoo

Colour protective shampoo is a must when you have dyed hair. It’s specially formulated to protect your colour and keep it vibrant for longer. Whether you have pastel, metallic, or vivid colours in your hair, try to find a shampoo that’s made for coloured hair and has no sulphates or parabens.

4. Never skip conditioner

Dyed hair is more fragile and prone to breakage, so conditioner is vital to keep it healthy and strong. Find a hydrating conditioner, Moroccan oil, or hair mask that will nourish your hair. The hydrating elements in conditioning treatments prevent the colour from fading too, keeping your hair vibrant for longer.

5. Never skip heat protection

If you are using straighteners or curlers, always use a heat protection spray. This is important on non-dyed hair too, but it is vital for hair that is already chemically damaged.

If possible, avoid heat styling altogether and instead opt for heatless styles to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

6. Indulge in a hair mask

Twice a week, take some time out for self care and apply a hydrating hair mask. All you need is five to ten minutes twice a week and it will make a dramatic difference to the condition of your hair.

Again, make sure it’s high quality, with no sulphates, phthalates, or alcohol, which will all dry your hair out.

7. Air dry

Blow-drying your hair adds unnecessary heat damage that will not only make your hair prone to breakage, but will make your colour fade more quickly. For the best results, let your hair air dry naturally to lock in moisture and retain the colour pigment for longer.

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